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Uplift your team's productivity and ship faster by centralizing your data sources into a single GraphQL endpoint.

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One API to Rule Them All

Say Hello to a New Level of Productivity and Optimization

Graphabase's composable architecture enables you to seamlessly integrate different services and data sources, like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cockroach DB, among others,  through a high-performing GraphQL endpoint.
Easily customize and unlock the full potential of your information by building upon a unified data layer that simplifies management and eliminates backend complications.

Future is Bright, but Graphabase is Brighter

  • Don't blame it on the backend

    The backend you need, effortlessly

    Expose all of your data, optimize your workflow, and improve your development experience. Save valuable resources while delivering production-ready applications faster.

  • Unify all your information

    Unify your business information

    No more scattered data across your company. Centralize all your business information in one place, freeing up your team to focus on your core operations and products.

  • Prototype, test, and publish your API

    Build, test, and publish your API in minutes

    Experiment with your data, and iterate your product faster, without breaking anything at the front end. Spend less time on integration and more time on innovation.

Connect your external data sources


Popular Integrations

Connect your existing services, databases, and APIs with built-in support for your favorite sources like Postgres, MySQL, OpenAPI and AirTable.

Power-up your API with customizable add-ons


The power of API composition

Boost your application with fast download times and protection against downtime. 
We stand in front of your existing backend or infrastructure and privately cache all requests, significantly reducing your clouding costs and complexities.

Test and explore your API in the cloud


Developer experience

Reduce complexity and deploy blazing-fast APIs enabling you to perform all operations like queries, mutations, pagination, filters, and sorting. Test and explore your API directly in the cloud.

Solutions and use cases

  • Product development

    Build new features, experiment and deliver everything from MVPs to high-class, production-ready applications faster than ever. Quickly iterate your product, validate it with customers, and optimize costs - all without needing a dedicated backend team.

  • Internal tools and automation

    Streamline your workflows, unify siloed information, and boost your company efficiency by quickly building internal tools to remove manual work, improve communication across departments and move your company towards automation.

  • Marketing and digital agencies

    Deliver custom marketing websites, integrate CMSs to distribute rich content, or manage complex projects that meet the highest standards and performance in record time.

Manage and personalize your API with ease

  • Icon Authentication


    Protect your API with ease using our pre-built authentication, or take it to the next level by integrating with your Auth0 account.

  • Icon Security


    Protect your data using a range of built-in security features including authentication tokens, enable/disable mutations and queries, and limit rates.

  • Icon Performance


    Get the most out of your API with our lightning-fast caching add-ons, or take control even further with your own Redis database.

  • Icon Connections

    Connect Anything

    Seamlessly connect your GraphQL API to any external service or database, no matter where your data is stored.

  • Icon API

    GraphQL API in Minutes

    Your GraphQL API is up and running into production in no time with our low-code one-click deploy platform.

  • Icon Frameworks

    Works with Your Favs

    Designed to work seamlessly with all modern frameworks, and static-site generators, so you can create any kind of app you want.

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